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Danielle Ganek lives in New York City with her husband, three children and some inspiring art. She is a collector of contemporary art and photography. Her favorite paintings are the ones her children brings home from school.

A Note from DaniAbout Danielle


Hi! Thank you for checking out my website. I feel a little funny even having a site, but apparently everyone, even us novelists, needs to have what they call a "web presence" these days... or so they told me. (Maybe that's just something they tell you before they send you the bill?) Anyway, here I am. Now buy my book, please. (Just kidding.) Let me know if you have a site, I'd be happy to return the visit. Apparently everyone, even novelists, also needs to blog. So now I've got one of those too. Check it out.

I've been writing for a long time, as long as I can remember. People ask me what motivated me to start writing. And I have to say I can't remember, I was nine. I'm just slow. That's not entirely a joke. Motivation to write is something like a curse. It's also a blessing. I've always been interested in creative people, and people I like to think of as Culturally Curious. What I mean by that is people who like stories and paintings and movies and plays and all that good stuff. If you're that type of person, I think I would like you. Unless you have no sense of humor. So my blog is called Curioser and Curioser. I suppose I should clarify that that'sa nod to Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, in case you simply thought I was one of those grammatically challenged writers who doesn't know that there is no such word as curioser. (I am, and that's why I'm lucky to have had good copy editors, but in this case it's a reference. A literary one!)

I'll admit I've dabbled in benign addictions- chocolate, wine, Starbucks, books. My overdeveloped fondness for-okay, dependence on-English Breakfast tea in the morning might or might not make me an addict, although I think those sorts of irresistible enjoyments fall more in the category of what Freud called the pleasure principle. But when it comes to the creative process, I'm a junkie. My creative cravings are fed through writing fiction. Good, bad or ugly, the process itself produces some kind of endorphin rush that I need to keep feeling sane. And there's another way I get a fix: through the palpable creative energy of visual art. The kind of "good art" defined by one of my favorite artists, Ed Ruscha as art that should elicit a response of "Huh? Wow!" as opposed to "Wow! Huh?" I'm addicted to that "Wow."

I like funny stuff. Make me laugh and I'll fall in love with you. I'm easy that way. Not literally in love, I'm already very much in love with my husband. He happens to be a very funny guy and we've been married a long long time. (Yes, I was a fetus when we met.) If you have any funny stories to share, especially if they're related to writing, art, parenting, being single, being married, home design, spirituality, and well, just about anything interesting, please pass them along. I could use the material!

Let's stay in touch.

I'm a fiction writer. A big believer in our ability as readers to suspend our disbelief.