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Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him

In this enjoyably tart art world sendup, winsome, apercu-spouting Mia McMurray (think Party Girl-era Parker Posey) is a gallerista-one of the invariably decorative young women who act as a gallery's de facto concierge, and "who is always, always watching," as Mia herself puts it. A mysterious portrait by the recently late Jeffrey Finelli (killed by an errant cab in front of Mia's Simon Pryce gallery) gives the novel its winningly clumsy title and sets up its main conflict, between grasping art collectors and representatives of Finelli's estate.

Former Mademoiselle and Woman's Day editor Ganek, herself a significant art collector, offers sharply drawn characters and convincingly savvy details. That the book's most important female collector is presented as a loudmouthed and overdressed refugee from Absolutely Fabulous gives a sense of its waspish humor. But Ganek stops short of crude caricature, and Ganek's portraits of the variously sneaky, ridiculous and pretentious art world denizens are tinged with affection and depth. The tone is sophisticated chick lit, and there's a sweet love story threaded in, but what most clearly animates this debut, and sets it apart, is a real sense that art matters.

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"...an amusing, suspenseful novel that delights..." People Magazine

"Danielle Ganek truly captures the excitement, intrigue and seduction of the contemporary art world. This book is filled with larger-than-life characters engaged in a glamorous high-stakes game. I loved it." Vera Wang

"Danielle Ganek has crafted not only a page-turning story with engaging characters but a wry look into the world of contemporary art--a delightful journey for anyone who loves getting lost in a good book." Arthur Golden

"If I was a copycat I'd take this book and call it mine." Richard Prince

"She got it right, and that's saying something. Sometimes a picture is worth considerably more than a thousand words." Larry Gagosian

"In her debut novel, Lulu Meets God And Doubts Him, Danielle Ganek captures the absurdity of the New York art scene with wide and witty brushstrokes." Vanity Fair

"...a page-turner set against a refreshingly unique backdrop..."People Magazine

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Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him is a Book of the Month Club Pick!

Mia McMurray, assistant to Simon Pryce, a medium- level art dealer, ushers readers into the Soho gallery scene as they launch a show by Jeffrey Finelli. Unknown but extremely talented, his major piece provides the novel's title. On opening night, Finelli is hit by a taxi and dies. Demand for his pieces skyrockets, and niece Lulu becomes part of a world she never wanted to know. Ganek portrays hangers-on, wannabes, nouveau riche, powerhouse dealers, poseurs, and artists etc. As for Mia, a blocked painter, she wishes the shows were hers, and her accurate though cynical observations reflect both her dissatisfaction and her intellectual acuity. Lulu becomes the darling, finding her place in this crazy scene. Mia, despite the lies and backbiting, not only survives but also finds a new path. Former Woman's Day editor and art collector Ganek's debut reads like an amusing fairy tale as it offers a view into a world few readers are likely to have experienced. Danise Hoover Booklist

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If I was a copycat I'd take this book and call it mine.