Jon Stewart and Bruce, need I say more?

Jon Stewart and Bruce Springsteen got together tonight (along with Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and their respective wives) for a show at the Nokia theatre to benefit the Gateway school in Manhattan.  Now, I’m happily married and still, after 20 years, totally in love with my husband but Jon Stewart, and Bruce, together in one night?  I get the vapors just thinking about it.

Jon Stewart was hilarious, as usual.  He’s Jewish, his wife is Catholic (like me and hubby) so they’re raising their children…sad. And lots of other great material, well-delivered, even more well-received.  I’m in love…

And Bruce? What can I say? He’s a poet, a musician, a performer, and a God. We ADORE him. He didn’t disappoint. It was acoustic, just him, his guitar, piano, harmonica (and towards the end, his wife, Patty to accompany him)

The playlist:

Adam Raised A Cain

Bobbie Jean

Promised Land

For You   (about this he told the audience: all rock love songs since the beginning of time ask the same question, Will You Pull Your Pants Down?

Working On The Highway

Should I Fall Behind (one of my all-time favorite Bruce songs!)

Thunder Road

As put it: Two great taste that taste great together…

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